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Covid-19 update from Public Health

Posted in General News on Tuesday, March 10, 2020 at 3:57 PM

We have received the following message from Warren County Health Services in regards to the recent diagnosis of a Pharmacist at CVS:

We received notice that there has been Coronavirus Exposure at a Warren County drug store; CVS on 5 Main Street in Glens Falls.

We are actively working with NYSDOH and the pharmacy to make the appropriate notifications. There will be many worried well who will be seeking care.

Those working directly behind the counter with the pharmacist pose the greatest risk and will be quarantined until 3/18/2020 (14 days from last exposure). Those without symptoms will be in a precautionary quarantine and public health will remotely monitor daily. Testing for coronavirus is not recommended unless they become symptomatic. Those specific coworkers with symptoms will be in mandatory quarantine and will be tested for coronavirus. Public Health is working with the pharmacy to determine those that were working so we can initiate quarantines.

The pharmacist only worked 3/2/2020 and 3/4/2020. Patrons who visited the pharmacy on 3/2/2020 (9am-5pm) or 3/4/2020 (9am-8pm) are considered at low risk and do not need to be tested. Those patrons who visited CVS Pharmacy on the specified date and times should monitor for symptoms or fever and cough through 3/18/2020, and call their provider ahead of office visits to arrange testing for coronavirus if symptoms present. Those being tested will be isolated until cleared by public health.

Contact Warren County Health Services at 518-761-6580 with any questions.

At this time, Adirondack Pediatrics asks that you call our office at 518-798-9538 if you suspect that you may have been exposed to coronavirus. For the safety of other patients, please don’t just show up at our office. More information can be found in our Coronavirus FAQ

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